SEO stands for search engine optimisation. The goal of search engine optimisation is to rank at the top of search engine results. Many tools are used to create the optimum placement in a search engine results list. Search engines comb through billions of sites to find what people are looking for quickly. Search engine optimisation is a skill learned by marketing professionals, copywriters, and many other types of executives.

The internet is filled with websites that either sell a product or promote a person’s services. Sales and services are the two key types of businesses that require top search engine optimisation experts. Experts who specialise in SEO understand that a website needs more than just words. The content on a website determines how it ranks.

SEO experts focus on using key terms, phrases, and headings to optimise results. The importance of key words is essential to top search engine placement. Using the right key words in the proper way makes all the difference to an algorithm that generates results in less than one second.

Search engine optimisation experts use a lot of different methods and ways to increase traffic to a clients website. Some important things to include are names, dates, titles, headings, and key words. There’s more that you can do. Adding a video that can visually and verbally convey the same message as the written content is an important tool used by top SEO experts. When a website has both content, with keywords, headings, and then adds a video they rise to the top.